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November 15, 2012
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ngjkdsbkh Annnnd He's all done now!!!! 8D <333

This is for the "Teacher Design" Event/Contest for :iconvilla-romaacademia: ;D Unlike the other Event pictures before, this one is also a contest ;D You were supposed to pick one of the teacher options given and design a teacher for the school. I picked the math teacher ;D CUS. COME ON. HOT MATH TEACHERS MAKE YOU GO TO CLASS-*SHOTDEAD LOL* The details of this event can be found here:~~~>[link]

I'll go right ahead with his full bio now....and be's a long one! XD;;;;;


.:『Wyatt Howle』:.

♥ Age: 26 years old

♥ Gender: Male

♥ Weight: 139 pounds

♥ Height: 5’9’’

♥Marital status: Single

♥Orientation: Straight

♥ House: Formally Cygnus

♥ Animal Affiliation: Snowy Owl

♥ Roll/Position: Math Teacher

♥ Personality:
Wyatt is always seen as a very strict teacher, who you would never want to cross, or risk getting detention for the year. However, he only acts this way to make sure his students know he’s the boss and to not question his authority as their teacher. Once you get to know him and show you’re willing to try hard in his class, he shows the true side of himself – a caring, helpful and kind teacher. He wants nothing more than his students to succeed and will even use up his own time after school hours to help his students if they request extra help in his classes.

Though he’s very strict when it comes to following rules and keeping things in line, this actually comes from his experience breaking many rules in his youth and knows better than anyone how hard it was to correct mistakes made when you’re young. Because of this, he works hard to keep his students in line and not make the same mistakes he did.

He’ll often throw chalk or slap his ruler down to startle his students if he catches them not paying attention. He does this to snap their attention back to him and to embarrass them enough to never do it again in his class. Though he appears serious as he does this, inside, he’s usually laughing to himself and greatly enjoying teasing his students.

He is normally seen as a serious, strict teacher, but once you get to know him, he’s actually very friendly, fun-loving and eager to help you if you ask him.


”If you’re not here to learn, then get out of my class. “

Likes(only five)
○ Math ( lol )
○ Chocolate and peanut butter ( Like Reese’s, etc )
○ Flying
○ When he’s able to help his students
○ Snow/winter

Dislikes (only five)
○ Smoking and the fact that he can’t seem to quit
○ Students who don’t pay attention to his lessons and goof off.
○ Bullies ( If he ever catches them in the act... they’re in a LOT of trouble XD; )
○When students/people touch his wings or tail without his permission.
○Being in crowded/small spaces for too long (hates not being able to spread his wings out when he wants to LOL )

♥ History ♥
╔ Wyatt was born in England to a average family (not rich, but not poor either ) and at the age of 3, his parents moved to Canada for work. Because of his first few years learning to speak being in England and being around his parents who held a thick British accent, he grew to have a nature British accent himself. However, growing up in Canada for most of his life, he learned to be able to switch his accent on and off when speaking to those not used to his accent. Then he was 12 years old – a year before he started school at Villa Roma Academia – his family moved back to England when his father’s work landed him a promotion and required him to move back to England.

The move had shaken Wyatt up a bit as he never really knew anyone in England, moving from the place at such a young age. He had left all his friends he made in Canada to live in a different country of his origins, but not anything he really knew. Because of this, he began to act out and gained a bit of a temper, and cutting himself off from many people who tried to be his friend or help him. Despite this, his amazing abilities in school never wavered and he always received the best marks in every class and remained top in his class no matter what he did, and he did so with little to no effort....accept in one subject. Math. He still received top marks in math, but it was the only subject he really had to study and focus in to do well and he hated it.

Wyatt managed to land a scholarship to allow him to go do any of 3 prestigious schools – the one he ended up choosing was Villa Roma Academia because it looked the most interesting to him. Upon entering Villa Roma academia, he was sure he would be placed in Centaurus – the house that was considered the most intelligent and hard-working of all the houses, because of his excellent grades. However, when he was placed in Cygnus instead, he was angered and couldn’t understand why he was placed there. However, once he was given his animal affiliation – the snowy owl – and discovered being in this house, gave him the power to fly....he let it slide. ( LOL ) However, when his body changed form, his hair changed colour and went from being dark, black hair to the purest of white, with only a few black pieces left unchanged here and there. It bothered him a bit and he tried dying his hair back to black...but the dye always faded out a few hours later and went back to being white. For some reason, his hair wouldn’t retain any colour anymore. Because of his white hair, many students made fun of him for looking like an ‘old man’, which angered him further and got him in a lot of fights in his early years at the school.

He took up smoking at shortly after his 14th birthday, thinking it would help him with the stress of the new school. ( And to further rebel against his parents and teachers ) To this day, he feels it was the worst mistake he ever made and only willingly smoked for a little over 2 years.....and has been trying to quite ever since. Because of his constant lashing out, most students and teachers saw him as a ‘problem student’.... and were always completely stunned to see him get near-perfect grades in every class and without fail, always had the best mark in the class. Because of this, Teachers didn’t know whether to like him, or be wary of him. During his second semester of grade 10, he had math class with the older, main math teacher at the school. Right away, the teacher was strict and didn’t take any of Wyatt’s attitude right from the start, putting him line right away. This made him hate math even more and he often skipped the class – which proved to be a great mistake.

Because of skipping class, he failed to learn the math properly and for the first time in his life...he had actually failed a test. He panicked and right away, begged the teacher to let him re-do the test. After some careful consideration, he was surprised when the teacher agreed to let him re-take it. But only if he agreed to start coming to class again and showed he really wanted to learn. He sat with the teacher after school every night for a week, getting extra help to learn what he failed to learn before and...Once again, received the highest mark in the class when he re-did the test. The math teacher had taken extra time and care, teaching Wyatt different ways of learning math and suddenly, after so many years of hating it and struggling with just clicked. And math quickly went from being his most hated subject, to his most loved subject that he was eager to do.

By his senior year, he started to take things more seriously and tried to correct all the wrongs he had done in the past. He stopped causing trouble for his teachers and bothering/ignoring other students and started to work towards making himself a model student and refused to break another rule again. It was then he began to try and quit smoking....but sadly, he’s still working on that to this day. This was a great shock to everyone who knew him, but no one was complaining. He wanted to be able to come back to this school as a teacher – specifically a math teacher – and didn’t want that bridge to be burned because of his behavior in the past.

As winter break started in his final year, he was walking a good friend of his to a bus stop to the airport when he stopped to have a cigarette (in which he kept his distance from her, not wanting her to breath in the second-hand smoke) and heard her scream. He quickly came to her aid just in time as a drunk purse-thief tried to knife her and shielded her with his body. He was slashed badly in the back, but retaliated, knocking the man unconscious before collapsing himself. He was rushed to a hospital and after getting many stitches, he was going to be just fine. However, he scarred badly and now has a deep scar right between his wings. Because of the accident, he doesn’t like his back being touched and willl sometimes lash out without thinking if you touch that area on his back and he didn’t know you were there.

By the time he left the school, he graduated with honors and won another scholarship to a teachers college, driving right into it, trying to graduate as quickly as possible to get back to Villa Roma Academia, especially since he knew his favorite math teacher was retiring soon. He managed to graduate 2 years early and got back to the school just in time for that teacher to retire. He landed the job as the new head math teacher and has followed the same strict teachings as the old teacher for the last 3 years he has been teaching there. ╝

♥ Extra/Interesting facts: ♥
○ He's rather strict with his teaching, but is more than willing to help any student who might be struggling in his classes. Even helping students after his day is technically finished by staying late with them. He’ll even teach students who are struggling individually and using different teaching tactics as he knows better than anyone, that not everyone learns the same way.

○ He's allergic to Codeine and Pineapple

○ He is actually Farsighted...NOT nearsighted. So he can see things far away without his glasses, but anything close up, is blurry. He can’t read or really see anyone without his glasses on. He’s HORRIBLY far-sighted XD; Everyone assumes the opposite though LOL

○ He may not look it, but he’s actually a black belt in Karate ;D Just recently got his belt after his first year of teaching X3

○ He’s not much of a morning person and on weekends he tends to sleep in as late as he can.

○ The feathers in his hair are actually growing from his head. They grew in when his wings and tail did and hurt if they are pulled on/pulled out, just like it’s his hair.

○ He is the oldest of 3 siblings. He has a younger sister and a younger brother. His brother was only a year old when they moved back to England and his sister was 5. ( Making his brother 15 and his sister 19 years old now, but neither of them went to Villa Roma Academia )

○ Though he’ll never let anyone know, he actually has a really good singing voice ;D He only sings to himself though >u>;

○ When he’s really stressed out or really bored, he’ll sit down and do a bunch of random math equations and will even make a bunch of pop-quizzes for his class....purely out of boredom XD;

○He smokes - but hates it. He’s been trying to quit ever since he started and still to this day feels it's the worst mistake he ever made. Because of this, if he sees Students smoking on the school grounds, he always gets them in trouble LOL

○ He used to smoke over a pack a day and has now managed to reduce himself down to only one or two cigarettes a day. He’s trying hard to go a full day without having one, and eventually getting to quitting altogether, however he hasn’t been able to do it and almost always caves in, in the end and has one. He’s even tried giving his cigarettes to other teachers to hold for him to stop himself from just grabbing one so easily, but he usually ends up hounding them down and trying to get them to give them back, or at least give him one. If they refuse...he’ll just go and by a new one most of the time LOL.

○ When he’s at school and he goes to smoke, he does so on the school’s roof, trying to keep out of sight from students while he does so. This is where he usually went to smoke as a student ;D

○ As a student at the academy – he used to HATE math. It was always the only subject he struggled with. He always did well, but just never found it easy like the rest of his subjects. He grew to love math, however, thanks to the math teacher they had at the time. He was strict, but knew different ways of showing the same thing – something Wyatt needed to figure math out. He was one of the only teachers he respected at the academy and never did anything wrong while he was present.

○ Math went from being his most hated subject to his favorite subject thanks to that teacher and he knew then that he wanted to be a math teacher like him. He then took over the position of math teacher when that man retired 3 years ago.

○ If he ever catches someone being bullied in school or out on the school grounds, he’ll always step in and drag the bully/bullies to the principal office by their ears or only sensitive appendages ( newly grown tails, etc LOL ). He will not tolerate such behavior.

○ His wings are extremely soft and he's completely silent when he flies. he can fly in and land behind you before you even knew he was coming.

○ He LOVES Chocolate, especially peanut butter and chocolate ( like Reese's, etc ) He'll sit there and eat them like a bag of chips while he marks papers.

○ Being affiliated with a snowy owl, he’s semi-immune to the cold and loves to be outside when it’s snowing.

○ Though he prefers cold weather, he doesn’t dislike warm weather. He doesn’t mind summer and enjoys being warm as well.

○ His hair was originally black. When he gained his Snowy owl affiliation, it faded to white and was often picked on as looking like “an old man” because of his new white hair. ( In which, he punches said students in the face for saying that LOL ) All the black parts of his hair are his natural colours that remained. He always tells his new students each year to NOT make jokes about his hair and explains it’s because he’s a snowy owl and Not because he hair turned grey early in life LOL

○ Even if he tries to dye it, his hair always fades back to white after only a few hours/a day.

○ He has a deep scar in the area between his wings on his back. This was caused by protecting a fellow student back (a good friend of his ) in his senior year at Villa Roma academia. While walking home with her, someone came at her with a knife, and he shielded her with his body, getting a deep wound between his wings. He recovered just fine, but a deep scar remains there now and it aches sometimes when he’s sitting as his desk for too long.

He Is straight and Currently Single ;D

○ He was born in England, spent most of his life before high school in Canada, then moved back to England a year before he became a student at Villa Roma Academia. Because his parents always spoke with a British accent, he too spoke with one. He can easily switch between normal, Canadian way of speaking, and talking with his natural British accent.

○ Though he doesn’t like Having his wings or tail touched by people he doesn’t know/without warning – he DOES actually secretly like it when they’re touched by people he knows....especially if he likes the people ;D LOL

○ He was actually a bit of a trouble-maker in school growing up and learned the hard way that it makes life harder down the road. Because of this, he’s now very strict with rules and tries hard to keep the students in line.

○ He didn’t come from a particularly rich family ( not poor, but nothing special either ) and he actually got into the school back in the day, based on his impressive grades and won a scholarship. And Even though he was a bit of a trouble-maker....he still stunned the teachers by having the highest grade in the class every time XD;

○ He’ll often throw chalk or slap his ruler down to startle his students if he catches them not paying attention. He does this to snap their attention back to him and to embarrass them enough to never do it again in his class. Though he appears serious as he does this, inside, he’s usually laughing to himself and greatly enjoying teasing his students.

○ He loves being able to fly. He’ll often go outside and fly around to de-stress himself and hates when he’s stuck in a place where he can’t easily spread his wings out. He gets very restless when he can’t stretch his wings.

○ He’ll often deflect any advances from students with a blank face and doesn’t usually like it when students try to flirt with him LOL Since that is against many rules LOL

○ He is often teased/picked on by the Elements teacher (Linny, here:~~> [link] ) and often (as more of a joke LOL ) takes one look at her, waits for her to see him, and then instantly turns and walks the other way LOL.

○ Though he was a trouble-maker back in the day and picked up on smoking – he would NEVER try any drugs. He’s extremely against that sort of thing as he hates anything that would greatly affect your ability to think or how you’re brain works. He doesn’t even like to drink all that much unless it’s for a special occasion. If he EVER catches a student doing drugs or even have them of their person, he’ll get them EXPELLED from the school as quickly as he can. He will NOT tolerate it.

○ He was so sure going into the school (back when he was a student ) that he was going to be in the Centaurus house and when we was placed in Cygnus instead, he was actually angry to start ( thinking Centaurus was for the smartest students and Cygnus was for the not-as smart, but still kinda smart students LOL )...until his wings grew in and he realized he was able to fly and the others outside of his house, couldn’t LOL

○ He's a great cook, but usually only cooks things that take 15 minutes or less when it's just him eating. When he has company over, he'll cook a much better meal then

○ By his final year in the academy, he knew right away that he wanted to return to the school as a teacher and started to take everything seriously and try to earn back respect from his teachers before he left so they would welcome him back as a teacher. He also blew through teachers college and finished 2 years early, eager to return to this school as a math teacher.

○ His name sounds a bit like "White owl" ;D

○ He does NOT like to be called " Mr. Owl" - a PUN on his last name "Howle" and his animal affiliation.

○ Being Affiliated with an owl, Wyatt is able to pin-point the exact location of any sound with an owl's specialized hearing. So even when his back is turned, he knows when anyone is whispering, passing notes, or doing something they shouldn't be and knows exactly who's doing it without even looking. He'll often toss a piece of chalk behind him and nail the offending student without even turning around. XD

○ *** Might add more later if I think of anything ;D ***

:star: Family/loved one // :heart: Crush/ In love with // :bulletgreen: Friend // :bulletyellow: Acquaintance/Just met // :bulletred: Enemy/hate

*** None yet ;D Shall be added with I start Rping with him X3 ***

Pictures used for this app:

Uncoloured version:~~~>[link]

App sheet:

nbfsjakgfbs I hope you guys like him! Wish me luck! X3;;;; PFFFT

Wyatt and artwork are copyrighted to ME - no stealing D<
#Villa-RomaAcademia and app sheet are copyrighted to =Lazy-lil-ninja
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LOL yeah, that would happen XD; It's nearly impossible to sneak up on him with that owl hearing of his XD; annnnd I could also see that happening too LOL ....Or he could be caught smoking on the school roof which he does sometimes XD; Even though...that's a place he's allowed to smoke LOL But he doesn't like people to know he smokes because he's trying to quit XD;

....LOL I just thought of a funny, yet awkward scene. They could argue over something and Wyatt could be like "....You realize a snowy owl can EAT a cat right? D< ( A.K.A = Don't mess with me ) " *awkward pause* "....wait, let me rephrase that....a snowy owl can KILL a cat with ease D<" LOL OTZ Awkward sexual innuendo's FTW :dummy:
midknightshadow Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Sweet!! I bet they're cute together :3
Those scenarios were almost exactly what I had in mind! xD
ROFL yesssss I'm so gonna use that!!! It's stuck in my head now so I have to hehe :la: For some reason I can see them having a brother/sister relationship like this lol
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I SHALL *salutes* lol now to do a sketch dump of her pissing him off. hooray for annoying friends that are like family! :w00t:
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LOL Oh dear QAQ; Poor Wyatt XD; haha but yes! yay! 8D :dummy:
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